HelloFresh Review – Recipe Subscription Box

HelloFresh enables a lot of the fun and satisfaction of cooking, with much less of the hassle and mess. Although it's not cheap, it's perhaps not more expensive than a one-off shop to produce the same results. There's also no waste. Quality ingredients, recipe cards to keep, and good results make this one of the best recipe subscription boxes available.
  • Very convenient
  • Decent selection of recipes
  • Good results
  • Would like to see more details of provenance, welfare
Value - 8
Quality - 8
Reliability - 9
Selection - 8

HelloFresh Review – UK Recipe Box Subscription

A HelloFresh review has to focus on the food, but first of all let’s look at the company. They are one of the giants of the recipe box world. Founded in the UK, the company has since expanded into 9 countries across 3 continents. They despatch over 7 million meals per month. Given the scale of the operation and the amount of competition (Gousto, Abel & Cole, etc), I’d like to see more details on their website about provenance and welfare.

Options and Pricing

At the time of writing this HelloFresh review, there are a number of different subscription levels to suit different households. The Family option is for either 3 or 4 meals each week for 4 people, including recipes which have the kids as well as adults in mind. The bestselling Classic subscription box provides 3 meals per week for 2, 3 or 4 people, and includes the option to go vegetarian. The Rapid box consists of 3 meals taking only twenty minutes, for 2 or 4 people.

At full price and dependent on the level of subscription, you’ll be paying approximately £4 to £6 per meal per person. Delivery is free. It’s worth looking around for discount vouchers, particularly if it’s your first order. For the purposes of this HelloFresh review, we opted for the Classic box containing 3 recipes for 2 people, working out at £5.83 per meal per person.

Selection and Quality

I enjoyed being able to choose a selection of recipes each week by using the web site of mobile app. New recipes are added every week. The selection process is helped by the inclusion of dietary information such as dairy free, gluten free and low calorie. I also liked receiving the recipe cards because I can keep them for cooking the recipes again from ingredients bought elsewhere.

Most important of all is the food. Each box contains well packaged, prepared and weighed ingredients. Consequently, cooking the recipes is very convenient, reducing the time it takes and cutting down on mess. It’s a strangely satisfying experience too; the convenience doesn’t detract too much from the feeling of producing a meal from scratch. Best of all, the ingredients seemed to be good quality and the results were tasty.

For more recipe subscription boxes such as Gousto and The Spicery, visit our dedicated Food and Drink area.

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