Gousto Review – Recipe Subscription Box

Gousto is a convenient, satisfying and tasty recipe boxes. Although we had some issues with delivery, their responsive customer service team assured us this wouldn't happen again. The web site was easy to use and we were particularly impressed with the wide range of recipes available for selection each week.
  • Convenient
  • Very good selection
  • Good results
  • Delivery issue on first order
  • Damaged sauce container
Value - 8
Quality - 8
Reliability - 6
Selection - 9

Gousto Review – UK Recipe Box Subscription

Our Gousto review follows an earlier HelloFresh review (see here). We’ll also be posting a comparison of the two in due course. Gousto also originates in the UK and they provide similar meal kits to those offered by HelloFresh. We were pleased to see good information on the Gousto website about their suppliers and the quality of ingredients. We enjoyed many aspects of the service but had some issues with delivery.

Options and Pricing

At the time of writing our Gousto review, they offer recipe boxes for 2 people or for families (2 adults and 2 or 3 children). Each box allows a selection of 2, 3 or 4 meals each week. The boxes range from around £25 (2 recipes for 2 people; over £6 per serving) to just under £50 (4 recipes for a family; around £3 per serving)

Standard delivery is free (8am-7pm) but there is also a later delivery option (6pm-10pm) for an additional fee. We were really impressed with the options and experience of signing up, and there was a good selection of delivery windows available.

Unfortunately we had some problems with delivery. We ordered for the standard Saturday delivery and planned to cook that night. However, we ordered a takeaway as there had been no delivery by 9pm. At around 10:30pm the box arrived with a label stating “for delivery by 5pm”. Whilst Gousto may not be directly to blame, their choice of courier is key to this type of service. One of the plastic sauce containers had also split open. The contents was otherwise good and there was a free wooden spoon included (ironic, given the delivery time).

Selection and Quality

The quantity of recipe options was impressive. There were over 25 choices available, as well as a couple of “Fine Dine In” premium recipes at £4.99 each as an additional fee (including salmon and duck options when we ordered). We enjoyed the variety available – quick recipes, one pot recipes, “Boost and Balance” recipes, wholegrain, etc.

For our box for two, we settled on a lamb mince curry and a pork belly dish and enjoyed both of them. The lamb curry came with a mini naan bread and rice. The pork belly was served with rice, a black bean stew, kale and an orange. The portions were generous. We found it easy to follow the recipe cards. As we found with our HelloFresh review, preparing the meals is nearly as satisfying as cooking a conventional meal. It’s a convenient, low hassle, and waste-free way of eating.

For more recipe subscription boxes such as HelloFresh and The Spicery, visit our dedicated Food and Drink area.

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